Gus Modern : FAQs

When are you having your next Gus* Warehouse Sale?
Periodically, we have a sale at our Toronto warehouse. Prior to each warehouse sale, we send out an email announcement through our local Toronto retailer, Stylegarage. If you would like to be added to the Stylegarage mailing list to receive updates about these events, please sign up here here.

Where can I see all of your products in person?
We work with each of our retail stores to ensure the assortment they carry in their showroom works best for their clientele. All products can be seen on our website. Please speak to your local Gus* store to ensure the piece you would like to see is on their showroom floor.

Do your products and finishes look exactly the way they appear online?
The photographs of our products and finishes are representations of the actual designs.  Due to variances in lighting, browser and display settings, photographs can only approximate what the products will look like in real life.  The best way to experience our designs is to visit a Gus* Modern authorized store to view them in person and to see and feel fabric and finish options.

How can I obtain a fabric swatch?
The best way to obtain a fabric swatch is to visit or contact your local Gus* retailer. Most Gus* retailers have fabric swatches in their showroom that they can provide for reference. If they don't have a swatch available, they can order it from us on your behalf and follow up with you once it has arrived. To locate a Gus* retailer in your area, please visit our Store Locator page.

Is it possible to choose a fabric or finish for a design that is not shown on your website?
The Gus* Modern Collection is an in-stock program, and therefore it is only available in the fabrics specified. We choose fabrics and finishes to suit the specific personality of each design. This allows us to maintain stock levels and ship items quickly, rather than waiting a conventional production lead time. We DO offer custom design and manufacturing services for the design trade through our Contract department.  Minimum quantities may apply.  See below.

Do you offer COM or custom pieces?
The Gus* Modern Collection is not available in COM and the frames cannot be customized for individual pieces. Gus* Design Group DOES provide custom design and manufacturing services for the design trade through our Contract department. Minimum quantities may apply. If you are a designer working on a project in the hospitality, corporate, retail, institutional, or sports & entertainment sectors, please email contract@gusdesigngroup.com or call 416.534.0773 x26 to discuss how we can work with you.

Do you work with Interior Designers?
Yes! Please contact our Trade & Contract Division if you are an Interior Designer specifying for a project. Email contract@gusdesigngroup.com or call 416.534.0773 x26 to discuss how we can work with you. Minimum order quantities may apply. If you are unable to open an account with our Contract Division, we recommend that you work with your nearest retailer who can provide you with the personalized service you require.

How do I care for my new Gus* furniture?

FABRIC furniture:

  1. For regular maintenance and to maintain the nap of the fabric, we recommend vacuuming your sofa regularly.
  2. For stain removal guidelines, contact the retailer/etailer where you purchased your furniture, or email our customer service department.
  3. Always test in an inconspicuous area first before using any soap product.
  4. For thorough cleaning, we recommend professional dry cleaning or a professional in-home upholstery cleaning service.
  5. Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this may cause the fabric to fade unevenly over time.

LEATHER furniture:

  1. All Gus* leather is easily maintained without polishes, preservers or leather soaps, however, it is possible to use a non-toxic leather conditioner if you prefer.
  2. For routine maintenance, simply dust or vacuum to keep furniture looking good.
  3. Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this may cause the leather to fade unevenly.
  4. Dab spills immediately with a soft cloth dampened in distilled water.
  5. Most surface marks will fade over time if you rub them with your fingers. Natural oils are released to help the marks disappear. All leather will wear over time, giving your piece its own unique character.

NOTE: Certain clothing dyes, particularly those used in new denim, have a tendency to transfer onto fabrics, vinyls and leather. Gus* cannot predict how these dyes will behave, and as a result we cannot warranty against the resulting transfer.

Do you recommend Scotchguarding?

No. Most fabrics in the Gus* Collection are inherently stain resistant and therefore do not require a protective coating (i.e. Scotchguarding). In some instances, applying such a coating can affect the appearance and/or "nap" of the fabric. Applying such a coating will void the fabric warranty. Should you decide to have a protective coating applied, there are third party companies that offer this service who then offer their own warranty on the fabric.