In 2017, Gus* began to collaborate with Pendleton Woolen Mills on a family of limited edition lounge chairs that celebrated the union of textiles and furniture.

With an outstanding legacy of manufacturing woolen fabrics and blankets in the Pacific Northwest since 1863, Pendleton Woolen Mills is recognized
internationally for its graphic jacquard patterns, many of which are inspired by traditional southwestern motifs.

The vibrant capsule collection included a trio of iconic Gus* designs – the Elk Chair, Halifax Chair, and GT Rocker – each upholstered in an original Pendleton Woolen Mills fabric. The colourful fabrics animated the mid-century modern aesthetic at the heart of the Gus* forms, igniting renewed interest in these signature lounge chairs. In fact, it was the shared love of timeless, approachable design that brought the two design brands together for this special collaboration.

Fabric has a transformative effect on furniture and vice versa. Pendleton's jacquard patterns meshed with the chairs in beautiful and unexpected ways, providing both design teams a chance to see their work in a new light.